Renewable Energy

There are many forms of renewable energy available to homeowners and companies. Recently, prices for solar panels and other wind driven turbine power systems have come down to the point where many current home owners can afford to at least investigate investing in Residential Solar Electric Systems. Look Around many new Construction Residential and Commercial Developments are including the integration of Energy Renewable Systems.

We are happy to report that with the help of tax rebates and other tax credits many Home owners and property managers of middle class multi-Family residential complexes are investing in Solar Roofs, Solar water heating systems and other renewable energy projects that help the tenants offset the rising cost of gas and electricity. We applaud the Property owners and property managers of Multi-Family Residential lower income properties that have installed solar roofs, Solar carports and other Green energy renewable energy systems. These system and the reduction in utility cost for the lower income residents has made the difference between affording housing and becoming homeless due to non payment of utilities.

How this Website Began

I live Michigan, we had some early snows back in October of 2005 that melted before I had a chance to see if it was even a good quality packing snow! and not much more that season.

There are many theories that explain why this happens, and some that just donít make that much sense. The most obvious and most used is, of course, Global Warming

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This site has been slowly coming along, so bear with us. I have school to deal with and some of these articles that I get my information from are pages upon pages long! (All cited)

Our Mission

Ever wondered why there's no snow in northern states anymore? Here it is, we have some factual evidence from news articles and other. You will also find some conspiracy theories. (of which I personally do not believe). This site is mainly unbiased, except what I just said in parenthesis last sentence.

Earth's Tilt


Our Waste

Global Warming

Visit and The Guys at are trying to become earth friendly. They are trying to buy electric cars for all their staff! Bravo!